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Fine Arts--Theatre

French Theatre--16th and 17th C.

What is Theatre
Festivals and Origins
Elements of Classical Tragedy
Renaissance Theatre in England
Elements of Revenge Tragedy
Elizabethan and Shakespearean Acting
French Neoclassicism
French Neoclassicism II
French Theatre--16th and 17th C.
The Nineteenth Century--World Views
The Nineteenth Century--Production Changes
Nineteenth Century--The Well-made Play
Theatre of the Absurd
Absurdism as Philosophy
Existentialism--Search for Meaning
Naturalism--Emile Zola
Realism--Henrik Ibsen
Contemporary Drama: Black Theatre

I. French culture and theatre

        A. Francis I (1515‑1547)

        B. Henry II (1547‑1559) marries Catherine de Medici 1548

        C.  Henry II dies in a jousting tournament

        D. Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III all succeed in turn as King.

        E. Ballet Comique de la Reine (1581)


II. Public Theatres

        A. Confrerie de la Passion (1548)

        B. Hotel de Bourgogne (1548)

        C. Salle du Petit Bourbon (1577)

        D. Theatre du Marais (1634)

        E. Palais Royal (1641)


III. Acting companies

        A. Comediens du Roi

        B. Turlupin, Gross‑Guillaume, Gautier Garguille

        C. Montdory

        D. Scaramouche

        E. Moliere


IV. Machine plays

        A. Torelli

        B. Mazarin

        C. Corneille

Fine Arts-Theatre with dr.b